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Price: 85.000,-

Wood Oil Balitung
This medicine may discolor your hair is already whappearance of white hair or gray hair is often referred to will surely make you a less than perfect appearance....

Ramuan Kalimantan' 99'
Ramuan Kalimantan' ....
[Apr. 24, 2012 22:36:24]

Price: 100.000,-

Potion of Borneo ' 99'
Increasing the strength / Kesahwatan, eliminate diabetes, jaundice / liver, ulcer, kidney stone, kidney, prosiat, malaria, rheumatism, lumbago, stiff, ....


Price: 20.000,-

Type ant nest

Ant nest Myrmecodia pendans:

Characteristics: Bulbs hang up, thorns on the surface of the fruit very tightly, the shape of thorns like a cactus thorn, ....

Minyak Akar Lawang
Minyak Akar Lawang

Price: 40.000,-

Root Lawang Oil
Root Lawang Oil made from the root bark of trees mace 100% AUTHENTIC
very useful for rheumatic gout whiplash keseloeo itching cold stiff hands tingling feet....

gambir siam
gambir siam

Price: 25.000,-

- For those of you who do not last long in relationships Sex
- Lust of tengaa less, weak sahwat
- Prevention of discharge of semen prematurely
how to wear them

Getah AJAIB kayu GANGGA ( bukan obat gosok)
Getah AJAIB kayu....

Price: 28.500,-

Ganga Wood sap magic to heal, cure disease and also treating the outside of the circulatory substandard

great merit
reumatic for gout, gout, back pain, stroke, kidney, blood....

penyubur kandungan rumput kebar
penyubur kandungan....

Price: 200.000,-

Plant grass Kebar fertilising compounds that can rely on, to increase the fertility of women. Not only was this plant is able to thicken the uterine wall, and strengthen the....

sari buah merah
sari buah merah

Price: 800.000,-

Red fruit help cure diseases:

1. AIDS virus weakens
It is reported that the ability of the HIV virus weakens the red fruit is due to the red fruit containing tocopherol and....

Akar Pasak Bumi
Akar Pasak Bumi

Price: 20.000,-

Roots pegs Earth
Lumbago, rheumatism, malaria

Pour hot water into a glass with a bunch of soaked, after a lukewarm hot new drink

bawang tiawai
bawang tiawai

Price: 180.000,-

Able to cure various chronic diseases

Samarinda, East Kalimantan Poskota

Product herb native Borneo " Onion Tiwai " made from a kind of onion-bawangan. Which grows wild in....

Minyak Urut Dayak
Minyak Urut Dayak

Price: 35.000,-

Sort oil Dayak
Efficacy, eliminating Rheumatism, sprains Tingling etc.

The use of such ointments in general

minyak bulus
minyak bulus

Price: 49.000,-

- to smooth the skin
- tighten the skin
- eliminate black spots
- zoom in and tighten the breast

Sari rapat Asli kalimantan
Sari rapat Asli....

Price: 40.000,-

Sari Original Kalimantan Meeting
Simply drink 2 seed 1 day
Senggugut whitish-Treating
- Coming Months Disorders
-Removing Mucus
-Removing Body Odor

Ramuan Tekanan Darah Tinggi
Ramuan Tekanan Darah....

Price: 27.500,-

High Blood Pressure Remedy
1 ( one pack) is boiled with water as much as 1 ( one) liter drink 3 x 1 day 1 cup 100 CC
Lowering Blood Pressure

Ramuan Kolesterol
Ramuan Kolesterol

Price: 27.500,-

Cholesterol Remedy
1 ( one) pack of boiled with water as much as 1 ( one) liter of water taken 3 x daily 1 gelas100 CC
Morning and evening after dinner before bed

Getah Kayu Kapur Naga ( raja obat gatal)
Getah Kayu Kapur....

Price: 30.000,-

Benefits Treat, phlegm, measles, sangkadi, lancat, ulceration, itching, boils, allergies etc.

Quite where that feels itchy diolesdkan 2 -3 times

minyak lintah tapa
minyak lintah tapa

Price: 140.000,-

Tapa Leech Oil
Tapa Leech Oil original kalimantan
which Efficacious
- For Long Lasting
- To create, steadfast - LARGE - strained - LONG
how to wear,
For durable:
-Just be....

Obat Kuat Rabah bangun
Obat Kuat Rabah....

Price: 25.000,-

Strong medicine wake Rabah
Indigenous Dayak traditional medicine ( Central Kalimantan) Strong Medicine ' Wake Wood Rabah Nyelu bargaining thousand,
GUARANTEED and you prove it....

Kepala Belut Putih
Kepala Belut Putih

Price: 105.000,-

Eels Head White
Traditional herb HEAD white eel is the ancestral heritage of our ancestors from time immemorial to address the complaint many men.
This concoction is a....

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