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Sell different kinds of traditional herbs typical kalimantan etc. * VERY AFFORDABLE price GUARANTEED quality listed in the Health Department:
Original sequence 1.Minyak dayak: Rheumatism, Uric Acid, Tingling
2.Akar pegs Earth: lumbago, rheumatism and Malaria
Strong 3.Obat Rabah wake of fresh wood nyelu thousand: Drugs Strong Sexual relationships
Eels 4.Kepala White: Enlarge Penis and Breast
5.Minyak Bulus: Smooth kulis and wrinkled face, and tighten, enlarge breasts
6. Tapa Leech Oil, oil is not usually leeches tapa tapa but to his leech oil blended ingredients other kalimantan, white eel' s head, etc., which instantly Zoom, letting, Strong and Tense
7. SARI MEETINGS FOR MEETING WOMEN GUARANTEED, Useful for sanggugut whitish, irregular menstruation, removing mucus, body odor and launch periods, there are two types of limited supplies products immediately Order>
Wood 8.Minyak Balitung: Anti-white hair, black Peng hair loss and grow hair
Siamese 9.Gambir Strong Medicine Men: Medicine for those of you who are not long in sex
10.Minyak root mace: Treating whiplash, sprains, rashes and colds
11.Minyak Scrub Cap Hornet: Treating Pain tendons and bones, toothache and canker sores etc.
12. Oil Sumbawa: Treating back pain, high blood pressure, etc.
Wood 13.Getah Lime Dragon: treat tinea versicolor, ringworm, etc.-flat
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14.Getah Magic: Treat Gout, sprains etc.

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